Prescribing Addiction

Prescribing Addiction is an informative website about the use and abuse of pain killers in South Florida.

Reach of War 

Worked on post production for Doctors Without Boarders: Reach Of War Videos.

Live / Play

Live / Play is a documentary following five different people around the world who all play League of Legends, an multiplayer online game. I assisted with the post production of this documentary during my internship at Public Record.



Give and Surf from Marlena Skrobe on Vimeo.

Great Grove Bed Race 2012 from Marlena Skrobe on Vimeo.

Tycho from Bardot Miami on Vimeo.

lionfish, the invasion from Marlena Skrobe on Vimeo.

Key Deer from Marlena Skrobe on Vimeo.



Assisted with the filming and production of “Monkey Retirement.”

Monkey Retirement from Daniel Osiason on Vimeo.



Get Liive Football Camp from Malka Media Group on Vimeo.